Work Order Request and Submittal

Ridgeview’s Facilities Management department will manage all common-area maintenance and repair of buildings and grounds as agreed upon in your lease agreement.

To report building issues or make repair requests, please email Ridgeview Facilities Management at, or call 952-777-4458 (Monday – Friday 7:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.).

For urgent assistance after office hours, call 952-442-2191, ext. 0 and ask for the Engineer On Duty.

When making a request for Facilities Management, please give a detailed description of the problem, the exact location of the item, and the name of the person whom the appropriate Facilities Management staff person can contact regarding the request. 

Ridgeview’s Facilities Management department strives to complete your requests in the most timely and efficient manner possible.


Guidelines require that suite signage, and common area signage (directories) be handled by Ridgeview’s Property Management Services department and all request for changes should be directed to Peggy Flusemann, Administrative Assistant; Ridgeview Design & Construction and Ridgeview Property Management Services departments, via email;, or via phone 952-442-2191, ext. 35778.  Tenants will be responsible for the cost of the sign(s) and will be billed via the monthly rent statement.  Note: Suite signs must be provider specific only, without stating clinic services.