In partnership with Minnesota Perinatal Physicians (MPP), Ridgeview Medical Center offers comprehensive diagnostic services for a full range of fetal abnormalities, maternal health concerns and complications of pregnancy.

Advanced perinatology services at Ridgeview include:

  • Consultation before pregnancy for women who have experienced a previous high-risk pregnancy or have an existing complication that may put them at risk for a complicated pregnancy
  • Consultation regarding the mother’s medical conditions or pregnancy complications
  • Targeted ultrasound (Level II) and amniocentesis
  • Genetic counseling

A patient may be referred for a targeted ultrasound if she:

  • is 35 years or older at the time of delivery
  • has a disease such as cancer, lupus, diabetes, hypertension or asthma
  • is carrying a baby with abnormalities or syndromes
  • has suffered a previous pregnancy loss
  • is at risk of delivering prematurely
  • has been exposed to environmental toxins or potentially harmful medications during pregnancy
  • has a family history of genetic disease
  • has a multiple pregnancy
  • has a drug addiction
  • has experienced problems with previous pregnancies

Minnesota Perinatal Physicians values the role of the primary care provider in caring for women with high-risk pregnancies. MPP emphasizes timely and open communication and works with primary care doctors to develop and manage a plan of care.

MPP providers see patients at Ridgeview Medical Center in Waconia and Two Twelve Medical Center in Chaska. Referrals are required for perinatal appointments.