Bladder and Pelvic Health

Ridgeview’s Bladder and Pelvic Health Program, a collaboration of Western OB/GYN (A Division of Ridgeview Clinics), Lakeview Clinic and Urology Associates, Ltd., is committed to helping women like you live your life to the fullest. Our team of obstetricians, urogynecologists, primary health care providers, nurse specialists and physical therapists will work closely with you to treat your symptoms, ease your discomfort and improve your quality of life.

Our program involves a combination of dietary modifications, medications, physical and behavioral therapies; sometimes a patient might require a surgical or minimally invasive procedure to treat her condition. Whatever your concern, our specialists are trained to evaluate and treat the entire spectrum of urinary and reproductive tract disorders. We also treat abnormal pelvic pressure or discomfort that may be caused by protruding organs or bulging tissues within the vaginal or rectal areas. In men, urinary tract symptoms might indicate a problem with the prostate. We offer many treatment options for prostate conditions as well.

According to a 2007 report commissioned by the National Women’s Health Resource Center (NWHRC), more than one-third of all women will experience at least one pelvic health disorder (PHD) in her lifetime. These can range from minor inflammation to more complex conditions such as menstrual or urinary irregularities, and can be attributed to factors like pregnancy and childbirth, genetics, obesity, medications and surgical complications.

This report also suggests that many PHDs may be considerably underdiagnosed in American women, perhaps because of a lack of awareness or because of a perceived stigma associated with these conditions. Reluctance to consult a physician about symptoms associated with pelvic health disorders can complicate the treatment and overall understanding of these disorders and their impact.

Since many of the risk factors for pelvic health disorders correlate with age, the Baby Boomer generation is currently in the phase of life with the highest rate of onset for PHDs. So Ridgeview wants women like you to know how common these conditions really are, and more importantly, about the treatment options we have available to you.

Ridgeview’s Bladder and Pelvic Health Program is a collaboration of Western OB/GYN, A Division of Ridgeview Clinics; Lakeview Clinic; and Urology Associates, Ltd. Our specialists address each patient’s specific needs and will provide you with personalized treatment options. Our physical therapists are specially trained in managing pelvic health conditions and using techniques that focus on retraining the pelvic floor muscles and improving bladder relaxation.

Ridgeview's Bladder and Pelvic Health specialists practice in Waconia, Chaska, Delano and Spring Park; call us at 952-442-8083 or contact us online.