Rheumatology is a specialty in internal medicine devoted to the diagnosis and therapy of rheumatic diseases which mainly involve clinical problems with joints, soft tissues, autoimmune diseases, vasculitis and heritable connective tissue disorders.Rheumatology at Ridgeview is staffed by Michael Edwards, MD, Rheumatology. 

What's a rheumatologist?

Rheumatologists are physicians who begin their specialty training with three years of an Internal Medicine residency, followed by two years of subspecialty training in rheumatic diseases. This is a broad term that includes autoimmune conditions, or those associated with specific antibodies, such as

It also includes some well-known inflammatory processes like

In their training, rheumatologists also study more poorly understood conditions such as

Because of the frequent complexities of these problems, a rheumatologist will obtain a comprehensive history of the problem beyond the presenting symptoms to determine whether there is underlying inflammation. 

Family history, diet, activity and sleep disturbances are all potential factors that may be relevant. Treatment is tailored to the individual and may certainly change over time.

About the ph​ysician

Michael Edwards, MD, Rheumatology
Dr. Edwards graduated from the University of Manitoba Faculty of Medicine, in Winnipeg, Canada. He completed fellowship training in rheumatology at the University of Louisville and joined the clinical faculty there as a physician and teacher for 16 years.


For appointments, call 952-856-4000. Appointments are available at Ridgeview Specialty Clinic (Chaska) in Two Twelve Medical Center, located on the corner of Highways 212 and 41 in Chaska, and in the Ridgeview Specialty Clinic (Waconia) office in Ridgeview Professional Building, adjacent to Ridgeview Medical Center in Waconia. Generally, patient wait time is less than two weeks. Same-day appointments can often be arranged for urgent cases.