Pediatric Rehab

Ridgeview's Pediatric Rehab staff of speech-language pathologists and physical and occupational therapists has over 50 years of experience helping pediatric patients of all ages—from infancy to adolescence.

We offer a program tailored to meet your child’s individual needs, which includes specialized services such as feeding assessments, video swallow studies and sensory treatments. We communicate regularly with physicians, teachers and other caregivers to ensure they are aware of a child’s progress and goals.

Our Mission Statement
Our goal is to provide family-centered, child-focused care for patients requiring pediatric rehab services. We combine excellent care with creative—and fun—therapy in an environment that allows a child to feel comfortable and, most important, to succeed.

Why Choose Us?
Because your child is our priority.

“All three of my children go to Ridgeview’s Pediatric Rehab Clinic and have made a lot of progress. Everyone there is friendly and fun to work with. My son was diagnosed with autism, and with their help is coming out of his shell. It is a wonderful place to send your children."
-Jessica R.

About Our Services

Speech/Language Pathology
Speech pathologists work with children to develop and enhance communication skills. Learn more about the areas we treat.

Physical Therapy
Our physical therapists help children to develop and enhance gross motor skills. Learn more about our pediatric physical therapy services...

Occupational Therapy
Our occupational therapists specialize in sensory integration and work with children to develop and enhance fine-motor and self-help skills. Learn more about the areas we treat...

More About Pediatric Rehab

Getting Started/Preparing Your Child
Going to a new place can be an anxious time for your child, and we understand that concern. Here are some tips for getting started and preparing for your visit.

Meet Our Therapists
Our highly trained speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists and physical therapists offer you and your child exceptional skills and the attention and care you deserve.

Therapeutic Listening
Find out about our structured listening therapy program, where children can develop an improved emotional state, better social skills, increased attention capabilities and more.

Walkable™ LiteGait® Therapy
Learn about Ridgeview's WalkAble therapy, which can help improve a child’s gait patterns, posture, balance, muscle strength and overall endurance levels.

Other Resources

Developmental Norms by Age Group
Learn more about typical developmental stages by pediatric age group.

Developmental Play With Your Child
Discover the many activities that can facilitate hand development and help your child to master fine-motor skills.

Sensory Integration
Learn about sensory integration and what you can do to help your child if you suspect an abnormality in this area.

Communication Tips
Discover how you can help your child develop speech and language skills—in everyday ways.

Torticollis is a condition in infants that can be congenital or acquired. Learn more about torticollis and how to prevent or treat it.