Lymphedema can be a temporary complication of surgery or injury, or it can be a condition that presents in the body without obvious cause. Both scenarios end in a state where the lymph vessels are unable to adequately drain natural fluid, and the result is a constant state of swelling in the body. Swelling that persists or interferes with your mobility can have a serious impact on your comfort—not to mention your health.

At Ridgeview, our certified and trained rehabilitation providers can help you manage your lymphedema symptoms, whether you need short-term treatment or long-term care.

Exercise, wraps and massage are all common techniques for symptom management, and wound care is essential. But there is also a need for lymphedema patients like you to partner with care providers in managing your daily stresses that can exacerbate the disease. Everything from clothing choices, to nutrition, skin care and more, can have an effect on your symptoms. A support system is key to successful management of lymphedema—and support from our team will help channel your healing swiftly.

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