Industrial Rehab

The Nature of the Problem...
Repetitive stress injuries are widely considered the nation's biggest workplace safety problem, costing $50 billion a year throughout the country. In Minnesota, more than 300 workers are injured or become ill from job-related causes each day. And Workers Compensation costs Minnesota employers $1 billion every year.

Think about it. An injury prevention and safety program is no longer just an expensive luxury that employers need to do without in lean times—it is now considered a cost-saving strategy that is imbedded into corporate values and daily activities.

About Us
Ridgeview Rehab Specialties offers health consulting and services to employers for their employees. Our team provides a range of prevention, analysis and rehabilitation programs. We work with employers to keep their employees—and their bottom lines—in good health.

Our Programs and Services
At Ridgeview Rehab Specialties, we have the tools you need. Whether it is one service or a comprehensive program, we deliver unique, effective and affordable solutions. Our team is comprised of certified athletic trainers with fitness programming expertise, as well as licensed physical and occupational therapists who provide injury care, work capacity testing and work safety education both at your workplace and off-site.

Clinical Services—We provide therapists whose practices emphasize:

  • Functional capacity evaluations
  • Wound recovery and conditioning for all musculoskeletal work injuries
  • Hand injury rehabilitation

On-Site Services—We help employers keep their employees healthy by providing:

  • Job-site analysis, including ergonomic evaluations and job coaching
  • On-site consultation and training through physical therapy, fitness programming and education at your workplace
  • Customized training programs in injury prevention, stretching, workplace fitness, return-to-work decision-making and more
  • Physical demand analysis for hiring and return-to-work placement

Contact Us
For questions about industrial rehabilitation in Ridgeview Clinics, contact our Ridgeview ergonomic and injury-prevention consultant, Karlene McDonald, at 952-777-5674.

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