Education and Support

Living with a serious disease is difficult. Cancer patients and those who care about them face many problems and challenges. Coping with these problems is often easier when people have helpful information and support services. Ridgeview offers cancer education and support groups (see list below), and Ridgeview’s Health Information Library provides information and Internet access. Ridgeview’s Social Services Department can suggest other resources that help with rehabilitation, emotional support, financial aid, transportation or home care. Services include:

Cancer Care Navigator
As a Ridgeview patient, you have a dedicated Cancer Care Navigator to help you and your family during your cancer journey. Our goal is to help you receive and experience the best and most personalized care possible, and to support you as you want need. Your Cancer Care Navigator will help you learn about the various steps of your treatment.

Cancer Support Group
Meets monthly. No fee. No registration required.

Grief Support Group
Meets twice monthly. No fee. No registration required.

Look Good, Feel Better
This free service teaches cancer patients techniques to help enhance appearance and self-image during chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

Cancer and Nutrition Seminars
Meets monthly. No fee. Registration is required.

For more information, call 952-442-6111.

Research/Clinical Trials

When laboratory research shows that a new treatment method has promise, cancer patients can receive the treatment in carefully controlled trials. Often comparing a new treatment with the standard approach, these trials are designed to find out whether the new approach is safe and more effective. In addition to treatment trials, symptom management and cancer prevention trials may also be available. Clinical trial participation allows patients to receive the most advanced research protocols close to home.

Contact Information:

For information, call Jennifer Lane, RN, at 952-442-7825.