Ridgeview provides exceptional emergency care and ambulance services, supported by on-site diagnostic imaging, dedicated trauma bays, a helicopter pad and surgical and critical-care specialists. Ridgeview's emergency staff includes physicians, certified physician assistants and nurses—all with specialized emergency credentials.

Ridgeview Medical Center offers 24/7 emergency care in both Waconia and Chaska, and 24/7 urgent care in Chaska.

For Emergency Care

Visit the Emergency Department at Ridgeview Medical Center in Waconia or Two Twelve Medical Center in Chaska.

For Urgent Care

Visit Ridgeview Urgent Care at Two Twelve Medical Center in Chaska, where patients ages 12 weeks and older may be seen for conditions such as:

Urgent Care Conditions Sheet

Allergies Mononucleosis
Asthma (Minor Nausea/vomiting
Back pain (muscular-skeletal) Pregnancy testing
Burns Sinus infections
Bladder infections (un-complicated Skin conditions
Bronchitis  -  Abrasions/lacerations
Cold and flu (influenza)  -  Athlete's foot
Conjunctivitis (pink eye)  -  Cold sores
Dental pain  -  Minor rashes
Diarrhea  -  Minor sunburn
Ear aches/infections  -  Paronychia
Eye injuries minor (minor corneal abrasions)  -  Poison ivy/oak
Foreign body removal (skin, ears, eyes, nose) Sprains/strains
Fractures (extremity) Stitches
Insect bites/stings Suture removal
Laryngitis Strep/sore throat