Wellness Visits

What you need to know about your Wellness Visit covered by Medicare

It’s free.
For most people with Medicare there is no copay or deductible to get the Wellness Visit.

It’s easy to take advantage of.
Just call your provider when you sign up for Medicare. If you don’t have one, visit medicare.gov for a list of providers.

You’re eligible for a ‘Welcome to Medicare’ Wellness Visit during the first 12 months you have Medicare.
After the first year, the “Welcome to Medicare” Wellness Visit is no longer covered by Medicare. However, Medicare does cover an Annual Wellness Visit every year after the first.

It’s comprehensive:
During your Wellness Visit, you and your provider will review your medical and family history, discuss your current health and prescriptions, and conduct tests and screenings to establish a baseline for your continued care.

It helps you take charge of your health from the start.
Following the Wellness Visit, your doctor will provide you with a plan or checklist outlining additional screenings and other preventive services that you should consider.

It’s one of many services that are now free to those on Medicare.
Under the Affordable Care Act, Medicare now covers a number of screenings and services, like mammograms and colonoscopies, at no cost to you.