Flora and Craig's Story

Both my husband and I have had gastric bypass. I had my operation done a couple of years before Craig did—he claims he wanted to see how well it worked first! Two years after I had the surgery, he had a gastric bypass also. Craig and I have been thrilled with our success with weight loss. I remember the yo-yo system all too well. I can’t think how many times we tried a new diet, lost some weight and then gained it all back. I look at pictures of us from the past and say, “Wow, that was really us?” With a combined weight loss of 285 lbs., we can truly say that we lost [the equivalent of] two people after our operations.

Our lives have changed in many ways—we are more active and outgoing and love going out to dance. Our eating has changed for the better because we are making better choices at meal time. Craig was a diabetic before the surgery and was on a number of medications. Now he takes only the vitamins we need to remain healthy. We continue to go in for our yearly appointments because we know how important follow-up is.

I remember when it first hit me that I was smaller; we were in Yellowstone and I wanted a souvenir T-shirt. I went for the 2x large as usual and my husband said, “That won't fit you, you need this size,” and pulled a size medium off the rack. I had to try it on of course, but he was right. This was by far the best decision we have made in our lives.

Flora and Craig, Mankato