Barb's Story

After years of riding the weight loss roller coaster, I was more than ready to make a change—a permanent change. Not only were the extra pounds seemingly impossible to lose, but I had also developed several chronic medical conditions directly related to my weight. My BMI was 40, and I couldn’t walk a flight of stairs or cross a parking lot without losing my breath. I was on a daily regimen that included a multitude of medications and, at age 45, I was only a few short years away from being the same age that my mother was when she suffered a heart attack and died. It was time.

I approached the topic of weight loss surgery carefully with my primary care physician. I was afraid that he might be against it and simply tell me to find my willpower, eat right and exercise—direction that I had been given several times in the past. I was pleasantly surprised when he offered his positive opinion along with a plan of action. He said it wouldn’t be easy and that I had to work at and follow a specific process, but that it could lead to great results. He worked with me, coordinating his care plan along with the requirements set forth by my insurance company.

Then, he referred me to Dr. Edmund Chute. Dr. Chute and his team met with me to discuss the options available and explained everything with great detail. After reviewing those options, he helped me to understand his suggested plan of care and allowed me to ask questions. Of course, I had many. They helped me through those questions and never made me feel silly for asking them.

Dr. Chute and his team were with me and supported me every step of the way, from the first general information meeting all the way through surgery, recovery and follow-up care. In fact, on the day of my surgery, Dr. Chute came into my preoperative room himself to talk with me and make sure everything was ready to go.

Dr. Chute’s nurse, Heidi, is a great listener and has encouraged me through all stages of this process. She always welcomes me with a smile and has such a positive personality that I look forward to each of my follow-up visits. She is so warm and welcoming that I feel more like I am coming in to chat with a friend rather than attending an appointment.

My overall experience in this weight loss journey has been nothing but positive. Dr. Chute, Heidi and their team make sure that I know what to expect before it happens so there are no surprises along the way.

Today, my BMI is 22. I park in the furthest parking space available and take the stairs instead of the elevator. I’ve had the energy to learn how to golf and fish; in fact, I caught my first Minnesota walleye last summer! I have cleared out my medication cabinet and am looking forward to the rest of my life!