Cooking for yourself: You are worth the effort

For those of us that live alone, are empty nesters or now have a different way of eating than the rest of the family, a blog post on may be very meaningful. Michelle, the blogger, speaks to the importance of self-care in regard to creating foods for yourself that will provide what your body needs. Additionally, she found that in making the extra effort to prepare her own meals, she developed a different level of self-esteem and what followed were meals that did taste good and did make her feel better!

Michelle’s story was that she typically made dinner and ate with her husband. Then his hours at work changed and he wasn’t home for dinner. She was miserable and grazed on cereal, spoonsful of peanut butter or whatever was easy. Admittedly, she writes, it took considerable “activation energy … to remind myself that not feeling like crap was truly worth the effort, that my own well-being was truly worth the effort.” She was right and did it the next night, and the next.

Develop a few basic go-to recipes for batch cooking when you have time. This will give you a jump start for making quick meals. Spaghetti sauce, black beans and rice, beef or turkey chili, and chicken stew are all great options that freeze well.

Reference:  January 31, 2014, blog post