Other Weight Loss Programs at Ridgeview

Ridgeview offers several medically supervised programs aimed at helping you be successful at losing weight and regaining control of your health. Our multidisciplinary team includes a physician, registered dietitian, exercise physiologists and health coach who will work with you throughout your chosen program. Our medical team will take time to understand you and what you need to achieve your goals. By taking a medically scientific approach to understanding your body's current metabolic and hormonal balance, you will receive an exercise and nutrition plan that will maximize your weight loss and long-term health goals.

Ridgeview's weight loss program:
  • works with your primary care physician who knows you and your health best
  • assesses your body composition and metabolic rate to tailor a plan that fits your needs
  • offers a comprehensive approach, including the emotional and behavioral issues involved in successful lifestyle change
  • includes weekly appointments to keep you on track
  • provides flexibility so that you can individualze the program based on your needs

Your Weight Loss Journey

  • Step 1: Free consultation/orientation with health coach: goal-settting and program selection
  • Step 2: Thorough medical assessment by your doctor: history and physical, baseline labs and exercise clearance
  • Step 3: Evaluation performed by exercise physiologist: metabolic rate at rest and during exercise, body composition and exercise prescription
  • Step 4: Assessment by a registered dietitian: nutrition education and dietary counseling
  • Step 5: Weekly check-ins with dietitian, exercise physiologist or health coach: ongoing education with practical tips, regular weigh-ins, monitor progress and manage pitfalls
  • Step 6: Follow-up examination with your doctor: assess changes in health, follow-up labs

Program Options

  • Introductory Program (6 weeks)
  • Comprehensive Program (4 months)
  • Optifast® Meal Replacement Program (18 weeks)
  • Opti-Start Program (4 months)

Investing in Your Health

Your health is a worthwhile investment - in both time and money.  The initial physical exam and labs performed by your primary care physician are typically covered by your insurance.  However, the programs themselves are self-pay.  As you think about the costs of the program, consider that you'll actually save money in the long run, as your health improves and you need fewer medications.  And when you replace unhealthy eating habits with more nutritional choices, you'll likely see savings in both grocery and restaurant expenses.

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