Tobacco Use

Ridgeview Properties Are Tobacco-Free—Outdoors and Indoors.

Ridgeview has a tobacco-free policy to enhance the patient experience; improve the health of our employees, patients and the communities we serve; and advance our mission as a health care organization.

Tobacco use is not allowed on Ridgeview properties at any time by any employee, contract worker, vendor, patient or visitor. The Ridgeview Campus includes buildings, land and parking lots either owned or leased by Ridgeview. This policy is meant to keep Ridgeview property tobacco-free and not to control anyone’s choice or right to use tobacco.

Physicians are not allowed to write orders permitting patients to use tobacco. To make patients’ stays more comfortable, nicotine replacement products are available through Ridgeview’s pharmacy and can be requested through a nurse or a physician. Ridgeview cannot sell nicotine replacement products to visitors, but these products can be purchased at local pharmacies.

Individuals who are interested in quitting tobacco use can utilize QUITPLAN, the free Minnesota Quitline, at 1 (888) 354-PLAN. Thank you for observing Ridgeview’s tobacco-free environment.