Spiritual Care

What Is Spiritual Care?

Spirituality is a frequently used word, but an exact definition is not always easy to state. For some, the word takes them to their religious tradition. For others, it may define their feelings and understandings about life within or without a religious body.

Within the realm of health care, spirituality is viewed as a significant part of our needs and desires to live in wholeness and health.

It can be said that we are all on a journey in life. Much the same as a vacation travel or a simple walk down a path, this journey may be smooth and without difficulties or it may be rough and filled with challenges to our health, our well-being, our sense of direction, our purpose and our meaning of life.

Spirituality can be a way for us to connect with the deeper things along our life journeys.  Consider that we are people of body, mind and spirit. These three cannot be totally separated; each is a part of the other. As we experience various upsets in life, it is important for some to look for wholeness and health in all three areas.

Ridgeview is committed to providing services and care for the health and wholeness of each patient and family that we treat. Our Spiritual Care chaplains join with other disciplines to offer a compassionate presence for those in need. They are pleased to assist you in processing your particular circumstances, and will embrace the support and care of your faith community if you have that connection.

Contact Ridgeview Spiritual Care


Ridgeview Waconia campus
500 S. Maple Street
Waconia, MN 55387

Spiritual Care is available on the Arlington and Le Sueur campuses with local clergy members at the request of patients and families.