Advance Care Planning FAQs

Q Who should complete an advance care plan?
A This document is important for anyone age 18 or older. Copies should be kept in your medical records and by your health care agent; you should also keep a copy for yourself.

Q What happens if I don’t complete an advance directive?
A If you choose not to complete this document, you will still get the care you need. Advance care planning will help you plan for situations where you:

  • Can’t make your own decisions
  • Aren’t likely to recover
  • Had a major injury or loss of function (for example, a brain injury from an accident)

It will also help you make a thoughtful choice when selecting your health care agent.

Q What is a health care agent?
A A health care agent is an individual you choose to make health care decisions on your behalf if you are
not able. These decisions may be about end-of-life care.

Q How often should I review my health care directive?
A It is recommended to review your wishes every time you have a physical exam or whenever any of the “Five Ds” occur:

  • Decade—when you start each new decade of your life
  • Death—whenever you experience the death of a loved one
  • Divorce—when you experience a divorce or other major family change
  • Diagnosis—when you are diagnosed with a serious health condition
  • Decline—when you experience a significant health decline

Q When will my advance care plan be used?
A You control your medical care as long as you are able to make your own decisions. If you are not able to communicate your wishes or make your own decisions, your health care team will follow your wishes as outlined in your directive.

Q How can a trained facilitator help?
A Ridgeview facilitators are uniquely qualified to guide you through conversations and the process of completing an advance care plan. Some of our volunteers are retired nurses, social workers and clergy. Your facilitator will meet with you in the comfort of your own home to answer your questions and help you complete your directive.

Q How do I get started?
A For information about initiating a free conversation with a Ridgeview volunteer facilitator, call 952-777-5098. For information about Honoring Choices, visit