Wireless Internet Connection

To meet the growing demand from our patients and visitors, Ridgeview offers free wireless Internet access throughout most areas of its campuses in Arlington, Chaska, Le Sueur and Waconia. Patients and visitors can access the Internet using their Wi-Fi-enabled device to browse websites, check email or chat with friends and family members.

For more information, ask your nurse or refer to the "Wireless" brochure, available at the hospital's Information Desk and public computers.

Cell Phone Use

Due to the chance of cellular interference with critical medical equipment, visitors are asked to restrict use in patient care areas, such as surgery and critical care rooms. You may use cell phones in all other areas of the hospital, including waiting rooms.

Photography and recording in the hospital

  1. Families may take pictures or video/audio recordings of their patient/children while at Ridgeview-owned and operated facilities.
  2. Photography video or audio recordings of a patient are not permitted while the patient is undergoing diagnostic or therapeutic intervention, unless done for treatment educational/teach-back purposes and done with the consent of the staff member(s) who are included in the photography or recording.
  3. Required Consent: a patient/family member must obtain the follow consent(s) prior to photographing:
    • Picture, video or audio recording of the patient: no consent required
    • Picture, video or audio recording of other patients: verbal consent
    • Picture, video or audio recording of staff: verbal consent.  Staff members have the right to refuse to consent
  4. Professional photographers will not be allowed in Ridgeview’s operating rooms or cesarean section rooms unless it is for Ridgeview’s Business Use and in accordance with this and all other Ridgeview policies.