Voice a Patient Concern With "Condition Help"

In accordance with Ridgeview's goal to continually improve the care and safety of our patients, our organization has recently implemented a new practice called "Condition H" or "Condition Help."

Condition H was created to encourage families to voice serious concerns about the care of a loved one or a friend. When Condition H is activated (see instructions below), the Rapid Response Team, a CICU nurse and a Respiratory Care Practitioner, will come to the patient and take immediate action. 

When to call:

  • If after speaking with a member of the health care team, you continue to have serious concerns. 
  • There are noticeable changes in the patient and you feel that this change is not recognized by a health care professional.

How to access Condition H:

  • Dial "0."
  • State "I am requesting Condition H in room_____." 
  • The operator will activate Condition H.

Ridgeview patients and their families will receive Condition H education at the time of admission and will receive a Ridgeview patient safety brochure in their admitting packets.