Ridgeview Professional Building

Ridgeview Professional Building


560 S. Maple Street
Waconia, MN 55387

Available at this location are services provided by:

Audiology, Hearing & Balance Center (Suite 40)—952-442-2191, ext. 6093
Edina Eye Physicians & Surgeons (Suite 110)—952-442-4445
Fresenius Medical Care (Suite 6)—952-442-4605
Midwest Plastic Surgery (Suite 400)—952-920-2600
Minnesota Oncology Hematology (Suite 100)—952-442-6006
Minnesota Prosthetics & Orthotics (Suite 200)
Ridgeview Infusion Center (Suite 30)
Ridgeview Endoscopy (Suite 2)—952-442-2191, ext. 5042
Ridgeview Palliative Care (Suite 400)—952-442-6003
Ridgeview Regional Radiation Oncology (Suite 10)—952-442-6000
Ridgeview Rehab Specialties (Suite 210)—952-442-2191, ext. 6075
Ridgeview Specialty Clinic–Dermatology (Suite 400)—952-442-3188
Ridgeview Specialty Clinic–Endocrinology (Suite 400)—952-361-2450
Ridgeview Specialty Clinic–Gastroenterology (Suite 400)—952-442-8011
Ridgeview Specialty Clinic–Neurology (Suite 400)—952-442-8011
Ridgeview Specialty Clinic–Otolaryngology (Suite 40)—952-925-5626
Ridgeview Specialty Clinic–Podiatry (Suite 400)—952-361-2450
Ridgeview Specialty Clinic–Pulmonology (Suite 400)—952-442-8012
Ridgeview Specialty Clinic–Rheumatology (Suite 400)—952-361-2450
Twin Cities Orthopedics (Suite 200)—952-442-2163
Urology Associates (Suite 30)—763-520-7700
Voice Clinic (Suite 40)
Western OB/GYN, A Division of Ridgeview Clinics (Suite 130)—952-442-2137

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