Photo of patient being fitted for a CPAP mask

About Ridgeview Home Medical Equipment

From the youngest newborn to the “most experienced” members in our community, Ridgeview Home Medical Equipment in Waconia provides the same high level of care and quality health care supplies for all of our customers.

  • Patient Centered
    • The physical, spiritual, intellectual and emotional needs and wants of the patient direct the care we provide.
  • Quality
    • We deliver high-quality health care services to patients, families and our communities. Quality permeates all of our systems and we constantly strive for excellence. We use data and evidence to drive decisions.
  • Caring/Respect
    • We respect the dignity and rights of everyone we serve. We demonstrate caring, compassion and sensitivity through personal service. Community We are strongly committed to our community relationships and design services and education based on community need.
  • Teamwork
    • We work together to provide quality care and continuously improve our services. Effective teams are built on honesty and respect. We cooperate for the purpose of serving patients’ health needs.
  • Environment
    • We create a warm, friendly atmosphere that is safe, supportive and healing for all who interact with us.
  • Efficiency
    • We use resources effectively and are innovative in providing progressive health care services. We strive to eliminate all forms of waste.