Published on August 09, 2022

How do we attract and retain nurses?

Ridgeview Nurses

We’re proud of our nurses working at our four hospitals campuses and multitude of primary and specialty clinics throughout the Ridgeview system. Around the clock, we rely on our team of exceptional nurses to provide the most compassionate care and the highest level of clinical expertise to our patients.

Ridgeview Nurse Education

Due to nationwide shortages, new nursing graduates have ample opportunities to pursue employers that best support their career goals. That’s why Ridgeview strives to be a premier employer for nurses.

Through our Cause for the Community campaign, we are taking steps to continue to attract and retain top talent. This includes enhancing our clinical education program and increasing our simulation training opportunities.

Enhanced clinical education

Clinical education is the backbone of a high-quality health care system. Nurses will select an employer that provides ongoing education and advanced training to build their competencies. Currently, our Nurse Residency Program, in partnership with the University of Iowa, helps new Ridgeview nurses transition their classroom learning to real-time bedside care. Funds raised through our Cause for the Community campaign will increase the capacity of this program.

Ridgeview Nurse Neonatal Education

Expanding simulation training opportunities

Another aspect of clinical education is simulation. Simulation training is a technique that replicates a clinical situation in a realistic, interactive way. This allows clinicians to master their skills, especially when caring for patients with complex needs. Ridgeview offers two simulators to help with labor and delivery, neonatal and intensive care unit (ICU) training. Through the success of our current simulation program, we have identified greater opportunities to expand. The Cause for the Community campaign will allow Ridgeview to purchase additions to our simulators, allowing for advanced training in CPR, electrotherapy, ultrasounds and insertion of IVs, nasogastric tubes and tracheostomy tubes.

We’ve listened to our nurses, and we’ve learned a robust clinical education and simulation program is a top priority. The Cause for the Community campaign will position Ridgeview for the future and help us remain competitive in future nurse recruitment and retention.

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