Published on June 27, 2022

Foundation targets impactful advances in patient care; introduces Cause for the Community campaign

Beth Kalb and staff

Imagine you are experiencing chest pain and are struggling to breathe. You call 911, an ambulance arrives, and you are whisked to the Norman and Ann Hoffman Emergency Department in Waconia within minutes. Here you receive extraordinary care and are stabilized, but you need to be admitted overnight for continual observation. Now, imagine a monitored bed isn’t available for you at Ridgeview, so you are transported to another health system for care—one that is more than 30 miles away.

You are frustrated, you are scared, and you are far away from home. Sadly, this happens to more than 300 patients each year right here in our community. Nearly one patient per day is transported to other health systems because Ridgeview doesn’t have enough monitored beds (telemetry). We’re working hard to change that.

As our community grows, we must grow with it. This means we are looking to the future to determine how we can continue to meet the health care needs of the 300,000-plus residents in our seven-county service area. This initiative is called the Cause for the Community campaign, and it’s the largest fundraising initiative in Ridgeview Foundation history.

This multi-year Cause for the Community campaign will enhance several areas within our health care system. The first phase focuses on fundraising for two key areas:

1. Clinical Education:

Clinical education is the backbone of a high-quality health care system, and it is an important recruitment and retention tool. We will expand our clinical education to provide advanced training and simulation technology to our care professionals. This ensures our clinical staff remain prepared for the complex care needs of our growing community.

2. Advanced Monitoring Systems (Telemetry):

With advanced monitoring systems (telemetry), clinicians can monitor patients’ vitals from workstations outside of their room. This provides an extra layer of monitoring for our most critical patients. When there isn’t an advanced monitored bed available at Ridgeview, we must send patients to other health care systems. By expanding our telemetry capabilities and adding more technology, we can care for a higher volume of patients with more complex needs. This allows us to keep more patients closer to home.

Together, we can harness the power of community to expand and enhance care, so we can keep more people at Ridgeview—their health system of choice.

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