Grateful Patient Stories

The Impact of Philanthropy at Ridgeview

As a nonprofit, independent health care organization, almost 100 percent of our net revenue is required to maintain operations, leaving a very small percentage to invest in technology, facilities and new services. Thanks to the generous financial support of our donors over the years, we have the resources in place to provide a variety of essential services to the patients we serve. More than 30 projects have been funded by philanthropy at Ridgeview during the last decade.

Our Grateful Patient Program provides an opportunity to say “thank you” to the Ridgeview doctors, nurses and staff who have made a difference in your care, or in the life of a family member or friend. Ridgeview Foundation welcomes and appreciates your generous gifts of time, talent or financial support.

Ready to say "Thank You", email Angela Hoffman at and share your story!

Stories of Inspiration

Photo of Pat Lynch and his Wife

Pat Lynch's Story

Hospice Provides End-of-Life Peace for Local Family

Photo of Pat Neaton

Pat Neaton's Story

With no time to spare, local lawyer's life is saved at Ridgeview

Photo of Cole & Steph Schlauderaff

Pregnant in a Pandemic

"Mason is a burst of light during a time that has been difficult for everyone."

Photo of Richard Bigaouette & Wife

Richard Bigaouette's Story

Compassionate Care Provides New Beginning

Photo of Russ

Russ's Story

Local Resident Grateful for Robotic-Assisted Surgery

Phil Hanson's Story

Quick response from Ridgeview Ambulance helps save local man’s life after “widowmaker” heart attack.

Vern Brandenburg's Story

Compassionate, personalized care when you need it the most. Ridgeview Hospice made life livable for Vern Brandenburg.

Photo of Rosckes family with their dog and holding baby dorothy

Rosckes Family Story

On a cold, Minnesota day in January 2019, Abie Rosckes and her husband Charlie were in the middle of a newborn photo session at their home in Delano. Feeling overjoyed with 10-day-old Dorothy, their first child, Abie didn’t think much when she noticed she was bleeding.

Photo of baby Miles with his mom and dad, along with 2 NICU staff members

Baby Mile's Story

Miranda’s water broke late one evening and suddenly she was delivering her baby six weeks early. To complicate matters further, the baby was sideways so the decision was made to deliver by C-section.

Photo of Don Kubal sitting with his family in hospice care

Don Kubal's Story

Don and his family appreciated Ridgeview’s patient and family-centered approach that embraces the physical, spiritual and emotional aspects of care. In the six months that Don received care, he became close friends with the members of the Ridgeview Hospice team.

Ardi Forrester's Story

Just as 71-year-old Ardi started to enjoy the freedom and flexibility of retirement, she found a lump in her breast. She was certain it was cancer, and her doctor confirmed it with a diagnosis of advanced Stage 3 breast cancer.

Photo of Dr. Fish looking at Brady Sackett

Brady Sackett's Story

Sixth-grader Brady Sackett loves all things hockey and is truly grateful to be back on the ice following a serious playground accident nearly three years ago.

Photo of Steve Gravelle with his family

Steve Gravelle's Story

Steve Gravelle woke up before sunrise one morning in February 2016 fighting for every breath. An x-ray and a CT scan revealed a collapsed lung, but also revealed something unexpected—a tumor, most likely cancerous.