Published on December 01, 2020

Ridgeview Anesthesia Group Donates $100,000 for da Vinci® Robot

Photo of Dr. Berling

Nate Beerling, M.D.

Photo of Dr. Reiner

Cody Honl, D.O.

Photo of Dr. Forss

Kent Forss, D.O.

Photo of Dr. Honl

Beau Reiner, M.D.

Physicians from Ridgeview Anesthesia Group recently donated $100,000 to the Ridgeview Foundation for a new da Vinci® surgical robot. 

“Our team has been dedicated to the success of Ridgeview Foundation initiatives and the advancement of the hospital for many years,” explained Nathan Beerling, MD, medical director of Ridgeview Anesthesia Group.

Seeing the need for new and upgraded technology, Ridgeview Anesthesia Group is grateful to provide support for the new surgical system. “Giving to Ridgeview is extremely important to ensure access to the type of care our community expects and deserves,” Dr. Beerling explained.

Providing the highest-quality anesthesia care and management, the experienced members of the Ridgeview Anesthesia Group work with
patients of all ages throughout the Ridgeview system. They are honored to be part of a health care system that is a life-changing community resource, Dr. Beerling said, and Ridgeview Anesthesia Group truly values its partnership with the hospital.

“We are very proud to be part of such an experienced and talented health care team at Ridgeview,” Dr. Beerling said. “We enjoy the opportunity to provide our patients with exceptional and compassionate care, right in our own community.”

Ridgeview Anesthesia Group believes the legacy of Ridgeview is rooted deep in the community. With its philanthropic efforts, the group hopes to guarantee the tradition of quality care for generations.

“Our goal is to support and care for the community, not just from a clinical health standpoint but also for the overall vibrancy of the community,” Dr. Beerling explained. “When giving to Ridgeview, you can touch the lives of your neighbors, friends and family.”

Gifts from physician partners like Ridgeview Anesthesia Group truly make a difference. They make a direct impact on Ridgeview’s ability to provide state-of-the-art care.

“We are so grateful to the Ridgeview Anesthesia Group for their continued sponsorship of Ridgeview Foundation,” explained Doug Stasek, executive director of Ridgeview Foundation. “Because of its generosity, we continue to meet the changing health care needs of the community,
now and for years to come.”

Not pictured: Mark Reiner, M.D. and Paul Savaryn, M.D.