Published on November 01, 2021

Gift of Time and Treasure is Imperative to Meristem

Giving back to the community is paramount to the Meristem culture, and the team’s philanthropy extends far beyond monetary donations.

“Gift of time is equally important,” said Jon Crow, Meristem President & Chief Operating Officer and Chair of Ridgeview Foundation Board of Directors. “Ridgeview Foundation clearly needs financial support to fulfill its mission, but volunteer time is hugely important, too.”

That’s why Crow and his wife, Melissa, have donated countless hours of time volunteering with Ridgeview. Melissa spearheads the therapy dog program and Jon has served on the Ridgeview Foundation Board of Directors for the past seven years. 

"Investing in your employees and their families is in the best interest of your company and our business leaders."

Additionally, Meristem has been a Corporate Partner for six years, highlighting the importance of easy access to exceptional care for their employees as a major driver of their involvement in Ridgeview Foundation.

“Our philanthropy focuses on health and education, because if those systems are strong, your community will be strong, too.” said Crow. “Supporting Ridgeview means investing in not only your health, but the health of your community.”

Crow recognizes that this community support should be on the forefront of all business leaders’ minds.

“It’s our employees who are using and utilizing Ridgeview,” Crow said. “Investing in your employees and their families is in the best interest of your company and our business leaders.”

Meristem is an investment firm serving high net-worth families across the country with a client-first approach. Founded in 1999, Meristem has offices in Minnesota, Florida, South Dakota and Arizona, and serves 200 families across 37 states and four countries.

“Ridgeview is a great asset to the community,” said Crow. “Proximity is super important for my family because we know we don’t have to travel far for great care.”

Photo of John Crow