Published on October 23, 2020

Meet Our Board Member - Steve Yetzer

Photo of Steve Yetzer

Ridgeview Foundation board member, Steve Yetzer, has a personal connection with Ridgeview. His uncle, Will Yetzer, was instrumental in building Ridgeview in 1963. Steve is inspired by his uncle’s words, actions and love for our community. Thank you for bringing your inspiration to our Foundation Board!

“I can’t think of a better place to donate, especially if you like to know where your money is going and that your donation is being used for its intention.” Said Steve Yetzer, Ridgeview Foundation board member. Thank you for your leadership, Steve!

After playing in the Ridgeview Golf & Taste a few times, Steve Yetzer decided to join the steering committee and has been serving on this committee for more than 20 years! Now he is a Foundation Board member and we couldn’t be more grateful for his commitment and leadership.

When asked about his favorite Ridgeview Foundation-funded project, Foundation board member Steve Yetzer said it was the new Norman and Ann Hoffman Emergency Center. He said, “With the pandemic, it was a God send, I do not think we could have managed without it!”