Published on December 07, 2020

Meet Our Board Member - Nikki Vanecek

Photo of Nikki Vanecek

Nikki Vanecek is in her first year on the Ridgeview Foundation Board and we are lucky to have her. Nikki is the founder and owner of TCM Wellness Clinic and she loves this community. She chooses to give back because she says, “Ridgeview has created an amazing team of people that are all working toward the common goal of helping people feel better and enjoy life.”

Have you wondered why community leaders choose to give back by joining the Ridgeview Foundation Board? For Nikki Vanecek it is simply her love for this community and because Ridgeview takes great care of her family. We are so grateful for Nikki’s dedication.

We asked Nikki Vanecek, Foundation Board member, why she encourages people to donate to Ridgeview. She said, “Because their donation changes lives. They are creating a ripple effect that will continue for years to come.”

Ridgeview’s Foundation is proud of our events and fundraisers. When we asked Ridgeview Foundation Board member, Nikki Vanecek, which was her favorite, she couldn’t choose just one! She says Ridgeview Golf and Taste Celebration and Under the Harvest Moon top her list. Thanks for being an engaged leader for us, Nikki!