Published on January 04, 2021

A Message from the Foundation Board

Photo of Katie Barnes

Katie Barnes

Ridgeview Foundation Board Chair

What a crazy year. So much unknown, so much fear and angst. Mixed messages about the pandemic coming from every angle. Will I lose my job? Do I wear a mask? Will there be enough toilet paper? Are we going to die?

The one constant was you. Thanks for hanging in there with us. Thanks for not forgetting about Ridgeview as the world around us was in a pandemic-induced  panic. Thank you for not taking your local healthcare providers for granted. Thank you for choosing Ridgeview to be the recipient of your generous support.

It’s times like these that we fully appreciate how fortunate we are. We have friends, really good friends who will take care of us even during to most dire of times. We know how precious your philanthropy is and we are humbled that you’ve chosen us to be the recipient of your kindness.

The good news is that Ridgeview is doing fine – in fact, better than fine. Sure, it’s been a tough year as the Governor suspended all elective procedures this spring. But Ridgeview is in recovery, returning to pre-pandemic volumes and executing all the elective procedures that were offered prior to the pandemic. We’re going to make it and we’re going to come out of this stronger than we entered it – in large part because of you.