Community Engagement Coordinator needed

The Ridgeview Friends & Family Committee exists to promote and recognize support of Ridgeview Foundation. It organizes outreach opportunities that foster positive recognition of Ridgeview, enhances pride in the community and strengthens relationships with Ridgeview.

The Ridgeview Friends & Family Committee is seeking an energetic volunteer to help engage our community involvement through fundraising events and/or activities. There are many local organizations within our service area that participate in philanthropic activities, and we would love to have someone who can seek out those opportunities. This individual must have passion for volunteering and a heart for helping others.

The community engagement coordinator will help create relationships with local establishments, such as restaurants, boutiques or grocery stores in Ridgeview’s service area. This position requires the planning and coordinating of at least two fundraising events. Our “Donate While You Dine” event at the Waconia Culver’s is one of our community events we host twice a year. This role involves coordinating event date and time, recruitment of volunteers, and event promotion through flyers and social media.

Committee involvement can include any of the following:

  • 6 meetings/year (we realize not everyone can attend every meeting due to work commitments)
    • Discuss funding opportunities
    • Strategize for outreach opportunities
    • Plan events
    • Hear leadership and general Ridgeview updates
    • Celebrate successes
  • Events: Spring and Fall Adopt-a-Highway Cleanup, Plant Sale, Rooftop Garden Maintenance, Culver’s “Donate While You Dine” event, Golf & Taste Celebration, RidgeWell 5K
  • Engage with the Ridgeview Foundation Facebook and Instagram pages (sharing, liking and commenting on posts)
  • Steward and cultivate current Ridgeview Friends & Family members
  • Identify and solicit prospective Ridgeview Friends & Family members
  • New employee outreach
  • Assistance in annual employee campaign
  • General ambassadorship and positive influence among peers and other employees

Ridgeview Friends & Family is the largest giving club in the Foundation, which supports Ridgeview Medical Center in its mission to provide the highest level of health care to its patients and families.

Our goal as a committee is to promote the good work Ridgeview does for our community. We ideally would like representation from as many Ridgeview communities as possible for the most effective outreach. The more hands, the easier and more fun it is! We have a fun group of people who genuinely care about each other and appreciate the importance of belonging. We would love for you to join us!

Please contact the Foundation Office at 952-442-6010 or email if you are interested!