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Ridgeview Friends & Family, Ridgeview Foundation’s largest giving club, combines community members and employees in a collaborative effort to support Ridgeview. Inspired by the desire to provide exceptional health care for our region, Ridgeview Friends & Family donors are united by their commitment to Ridgeview’s patients and families.

For decades, Ridgeview has been very fortunate to have many wonderful partnerships and collaborations with benefactors, volunteers and community leaders. Together, we have helped build new facilities, fund new programs and upgrade technology through philanthropy. Ridgeview is in the midst of a major initiative to secure the future of medical excellence for our children, grandchildren, neighbors and friends—by strengthening our foundation of support and providing security for future generations.

Therefore, philanthropy must provide the “critical margin” of funding to help Ridgeview to transcend from good to great. Please help Ridgeview to provide full-spectrum, quality care that is close to home.

With an annual gift of $100 or more, you will be joining many others who share your commitment to health care by becoming a member of Ridgeview Friends & Family. All gifts are 100 percent tax deductible.

Our giving levels include:

  • $100–$249 Bronze Membership
  • $250–$499 Silver Membership
  • $500–$999 Gold Membership
  • $1,000+ Platinum Membership

Projects to be funded by Ridgeview Friends & Family in 2020:

    • COVID-19 Emergency Fund
    • da Vinci Surgical Robot
    • HALO SleepSack Swaddles for Newborns
    • Health Care Scholarship Program
    • Halo SleepSack Swaddles for Newborns
    • Joint Center Ice Pack Covers
    • Reach Out and Read Clinic Program
    • Ridgeview Health & Wellness Programs
    • Ridgeview Nurse Residency Program
    • Roof-Top Gardens

Donors are also welcome to support other projects with their annual donation if they so choose.

With more than 800 donors, this program is a gateway to benefit friends, family, neighbors and community for generations to come. There is no better time to join this initiative and share your gratitude with Ridgeview’s patients and families. It’s about collaboration—coming together to accomplish projects never thought possible.

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As a valued member of Ridgeview Friends & Family, you will be invited to several special events throughout the year to keep you informed about the exciting things happening at Ridgeview.