Phase 1: Cause for the Community campaign

As our community grows, Ridgeview must grow with it to continue meeting the health care needs of the 300,000 residents in our seven-county service area. This growth includes investing in staff, equipment, facilities and our clinical partners to ensure our sustainability as an independent health system.

Ridgeview’s Cause for the Community campaign is a multi-year initiative to enhance several areas within our health care system. We’re completing our work in phases.

Phase 1 is focused on clinical education and advanced monitoring systems (telemetry).

Clinical Education

Clinical education is the backbone of a high-quality health care system, and it is an important recruitment and retention tool. We have identified multiple opportunities to expand our clinical education to provide advanced training and simulation technology to our care professionals. This ensures our clinical staff remain prepared for the complex care needs of our growing community.

Nurse Residency Program: In partnership with the University of Iowa, Ridgeview’s Nurse Residency Program provides additional training to our nurses. This training helps them transition their classroom learning to real-time bedside care. It also gives them the tools to build effective decision-making skills and enhance clinical judgment – ensuring the best care for our patients.

Photo of Melanie, RN Photo of Training Photo of Super Tory

Simulation: Simulation training is a technique that replicates many aspects of a clinical situation in a realistic, interactive fashion – allowing clinicians to develop and master their skills. This allows us enhanced opportunities to teach our clinicians how to care for patients who have more complex needs.

Ridgeview’s Cause for the Community campaign will fund the following clinical education initiatives:

  • Higher volume of nurses enrolled in the Ridgeview Nurse Residency Program.
  • Additions to “Victoria” and “Super Tory” to allow for advanced training in CPR, electrotherapy, ultrasounds, and insertion of IVs, nasogastric tubes and tracheostomy tubes.
  • Expanded space to build out Ridgeview’s simulation program to accommodate more technology.

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Advanced Monitoring Systems (Telemetry)

With advanced monitoring systems (telemetry), clinicians can monitor patients’ vitals from workstations outside of their room. This provides an extra layer of monitoring for our most critical patients. When there isn’t an advanced monitored bed available at Ridgeview, we must send patients to other health care systems that are nearly 30 miles away. By expanding our telemetry capabilities and adding more technology, we can care for a higher volume of patients with more complex needs. This allows us to keep patient care close to home.

Common medical conditions that require telemetry include:

  • Chest pain
  • Stroke/neurology
  • Respiratory illness
  • Cardiac history
  • Congestive heart failure
  • Gastrointestinal (GI) bleeds
  • COVID-19

Ridgeview’s Cause for the Community campaign will fund the following telemetry initiatives:

  • Add an additional 24 beds with advanced monitoring technology
  • Provide 160 nurses with advanced training so they can use the advanced monitoring technology to efficiently care for sicker patients.

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“To continue providing the excellent care that our community expects and deserves from Ridgeview, we must expand our capabilities. By adding technology and expanding our clinical skills, we can provide care to more patients in our region who require increased levels of care.” Elaine Arion, DNP, MSN, RN; Vice President, Patient Care Services and CNO

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Contact us about our Cause for the Community campaign:

Kelly Mulleady | Executive Director | 952-777-5099

Angela Hoffman | Director of Development | 952-442-6040

Liz Gerads | Corporate & Principal Gift Officer | 952-442-8061

Did You Know?

Graduates often select their future employer based on the additional training and offering of programs such as the Nurse Residency Program. Increasing these services and education al resources will aid in future nurse recruitment and retention. 

Did You Know?

Ridgeview has two simulators:
“Victoria” – She’s a birthing mother and neonatal simulator that is also used as an adult medical patient for ICU training.
“Super Tory” – She’s an infant simulator used for staff training at the Level III NICU.

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