Ridgeview is not accepting students for new rotations/clinical experiences at this time. Continue to check this page for updates.

For more information, contact: RMC-MedStudents@ridgeviewmedical.org. Thank you for your interest in Ridgeview.

Requesting a Medical Student/Resident Rotation: MD, DO, DPM, CNM, APRN, CRNA & PA Programs

If you are in a residency program or if you are a student enrolled in a MD, DO, DPM, CNM, APRN, CRNA or PA program and are interested in a rotation experience at a Ridgeview location, please carefully review and complete each of the following sections.

All clinical placements at Ridgeview are coordinated through our administrative office. Do not directly contact our physicians or staff to request a placement or rotation.

Applicant Instructions

Step 1:

Please complete the application process:

Application to Ridgeview

Step 2:

Forward the attestation form link to your program representative at your school along with all the required documentation specified on the checklist.

Attestation Form

Your program representative should complete the online attestation form and email all required content to the Medical Staff Office. All communication regarding possible rotations or questions must be between the school and the Ridgeview Medical Staff Office.

Program Representative Instructions

Step 1:

Upon receipt of the applicant’s documents, ensure all applicant requirements have been provided. 

Attestation Form

Step 2:

Complete the program representative submission checklist.

Program Representative Submission Checklist [PDF]

Step 3:

Submit the online form and email all relevant materials to RMC-MedStudents@ridgeviewmedical.org.


Applicant and Program Representative, please review.

  1. Ridgeview can begin the process for finding a preceptor 6 months prior to the applicant’s requested start date.
  2. All application materials must be received in the Medical Staff Office no later than 6 weeks prior to the start of a rotation.
  3. Submission of required application and documentation material does not mean a rotation has been approved.
  4. The Medical Staff Office will notify the program representative if the requested rotation has been approved or if they are unable to accommodate a rotation experience.
  5. Applications with missing documentation will not be considered.
  6. Please allow up to three weeks to receive a response pertaining to rotation availability.
  7. If a requested rotation is no longer needed, the Medical Staff Office must be immediately notified.

Additional Requirements

Applicant and Program Representative, please review.

Prior to the start of an approved rotation with Ridgeview, the following information must be completed and/or on file with the Medical Staff Office.

  1. Current Affiliation Agreement between the school/program and Ridgeview.
  2. After all paperwork has been received and a rotation has been approved, mandatory online education/orientation modules must be completed. The Medical Staff Office will provide the applicant with a link, and the modules can be completed off site. Education/orientation must be completed a minimum of 2 weeks before the start of the rotation.