Ridgeview offers Continuing Medical Education (CME) opportunities for health care professionals. Ridgeview podcasts can be accessed through iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, or Libsyn. To access the podcast directly, go to

1. Who is the audience?

Really anyone practicing medicine and working in health care. But mostly primary care, EM, IM, Pediatrics as well as nursing and ancillary patient care personnel.

2. Why a podcast?

Simple. Most people like to listen to their medical education content on their own time, or while on the go. While we still very much value in-person learning settings, especially in the wake of COVID, Ridgeview, has found that the podcast medium works best for the organization.

3. How are Ridgeview Podcasts different?

If you haven't already listened to our podcasts, please do so! We aim to make this a fun experience for the guest and listeners, and to be far more than just 'listening to a lecture'. We do this by not only providing solid, evidence based medical content, but by also making it entertaining, often with a splash of humor and post-production fun to keep the listener engaged and intrigued!

4. Where do we record the interview?

Wherever it works best for you! Our team usually records at Two-Twelve Medical Center (Chaska), Ridgeview – Waconia Campus), but we are mobile and can come to you as well...virtually if needed!

5. How long does the interview take?

About one hour.

6. As a speaker/presenter, will I get to listen to the recording before it becomes a 'podcast'?

Yes! The podcasts are edited for content and time before publishing. You have full veto power, and we look forward to your feedback and edit requests before publishing.

7. Can I get CE credit for this?

As a presenter, you may not receive AMA Category one CE credit for your podcast - due to accreditation requirements, but if your colleagues are Ridgeview providers and on the Ridgeview Medical Staff, they can get CE credit for listening and filling out the brief post-show evaluation.

8. Where do I listen to the podcasts?

Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or virtually anywhere people listen to/download podcasts.

9. Is this a video?

No. This is an audio only program.

10. Who should I communicate with?

Feel free to email Kristin Windschitl, Education Coordinator at

11. What about COVID-19 precautions?

We, and Ridgeview follow all current CDC and MDH guidelines for COVID-19.

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