Messages through FollowMyHealth

FollowMyHealth’s secure messaging feature applies to clinic-related requests. Messages can be sent 24/7, and are responded to by clinic staff during normal clinic hours.

The message feature should not be used for emergencies or for urgent requests, such as a same-day appointment request or prescription refill. If you are in an emergency situation, call 911. Typically, the messages are to be used for:

  • a follow-up question from a clinic visit within the past week
  • a request for a form or your record
  • submitting results of your home monitoring
  • questions about medicines (to request a refill, please use the prescription refill request option)
  • questions about test results
  • other non-urgent question for your health care provider or care team

Your secure correspondence—both the message you send to the clinic and the response—are kept on file as part of your personal health record.