Every Moment Counts

Much as a family would build up savings to buffer against financial hardship, the endowment is Ridgeview’s security for the future. An endowment fund is like a permanent savings account. The principal of the original contribution is never spent—only a portion of its earnings is annually allocated for the purpose of the endowment. The remaining amount of the fund’s earned income is reinvested to ensure future financial growth.

Benefits to Ridgeview

How Your Endowment Gift Benefits Ridgeview

  • Without question, endowments are one of the most advantageous sources of funding for Ridgeview. The principal is continually preserved and only a percentage of the investment income is spent annually. There are many ways Ridgeview benefits from endowment gifts:
  • Enables Ridgeview to direct support to areas of greatest promise or need, and seize timely opportunities.
  • Ensures the most cutting-edge medical treatment and technical advances have the opportunity to flourish.
  • Ensures excellence by making certain that quality medical care, research and outreach can be conducted in perpetuity.
  • Despite ebbs and flows in the economy, endowment dollars ensure that facility improvements, tomorrow’s technology and the critical need to attract and retain the brightest medical minds in the field will be here for you, your children and future generations—today and in years to come.

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Benefits to Donor

How Your Endowment Gift Benefits You

The Every Moment Counts campaign is an ambitious undertaking, and you are the key! You, your family and Ridgeview have the opportunity to enjoy a long relationship built around something you value. There are numerous advantages to supporting the endowment:

  • Freedom to choose how or what your investment will support at Ridgeview.
  • Opportunity to receive annual reports so you can assess the impact your gift is making.
  • Ability to honor someone special to you or permanently memorialize a loved one.
  • Knowledge that the endowment inherently delivers a profound impact because of its longevity.
  • Opportunity for your friends and family to support your endowment fund.
  • Gratification that your gift becomes part of Ridgeview’s heritage and tradition.


Ways to Give

Importance of Endowment

Organizations of Ridgeview’s type, size and stature need endowment funds to generate ongoing income to buffer against:

  • A fluctuating economy and its effects in the ever-changing face of health care.
  • Unforeseen hardships that could threaten the state of our existence and effectiveness.
  • Fluctuations in federal and state funding related to health care.
  • Changes in insurance coverage and government reimbursements.
  • The health care landscape continues to change. At the same time, the community’s need for quality health care is constant.

The Every Moment Counts campaign is essential to creating positive outcomes for our patients and their families, sustaining and attracting the best and brightest medical staff, and ensuring the quality of our programs moving forward to find cures and save lives.