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  • Ridgeview’s Birthing Center
  • Cardiology’s Drs. Sharkey and Pagan

Every Moment Counts

In life, there are many ordinary moments. And then there are life-changing moments: the diagnosis of a serious illness, the rush to the emergency room or news you’ll require major surgery.

Ridgeview is committed to being there for you in these moments. To fulfill that commitment, we need to make certain that we have everything in place to provide you with the best patient care possible.

We need to invest in today and tomorrow to ensure we are ready for the moments when you need us most, now and in the future.

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Areas of Need

Keeping quality health care right here—in our region and close to home—is a priority we all share. Ridgeview Foundation has launched a fundraising campaign that will help Ridgeview Medical Center ensure that the people of our community will continue to have access to the best technology, facilities and new services that will allow Ridgeview to continue to provide the highest-possible level of care.

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Organizations of Ridgeview’s type, size and stature need endowment funds to generate ongoing income. This income serves multiple purposes, among the most important being to buffer against a fluctuating economy and unforeseen hardships that could threaten an organization’s existence. How will an endowment impact Ridgeview?

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Ways to Give

We can’t rest until the future is secure for Ridgeview. The future health of our region relies on our community today. At this critical time in the life of our organization, almost 100 percent of Ridgeview’s net revenue is required to maintain operations, leaving a very small percentage to invest in technology, facilities and new services. We ask you to please join us in this endowment campaign. Give for today and for the future.