Meet Our Providers

Debra Netsch, DNP, RN, CNP, FNP-BC, CWOCN

Dr. Debra Netsch is a nurse practitioner and doctorate of nursing. She has spent her entire career focused on advancing the understanding and practice of wound healing. With more than 30 years of wound care and nursing experience, Dr. Netsch will lead the Wound & Hyperbaric Healing Center team in the use of new wound care technology, healing strategies and patient-centered care planning. Dr. Netsch is an accomplished author, lecturer, university professor and widely sought after national wound care expert. Dr. Netsch was recently quoted as a source in the June 15, 2015, U.S. News Health story "Life After Colectomy."

Kipton Lundquist, MD

Dr. Kipton Lundquist is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon with 41 years of experience. He enjoys using a wide range of specialized dressings, topical agents and procedures to ensure wound healing. He is an active member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Laurie Grotzinger, PA-C

As a wound healer with a specialized interest in infectious disease, Ms. Grotzinger adds an important dimension to the team. Her role is to review patient medical data, including records, imaging and laboratory reports to inform our providers and nurses about treatment options for patients with infections. She also sees patients with complex non-healing wounds.

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