Pediatric surgery

After surgery the child is taken to a recovery area.  Children wake up from anesthesia differently than adults.  Pediatric patients wake up with disorientation and perceptual alterations.  Behavior can be crying and consolable, no crying or even crying and cannot be consoled.  This can be difficult for parents.  Please know that our goal is to reunite you with your child as soon as it is safe for the patient.  Pediatric patients are monitored by several registered nurses. The surgeon will meet with the patient’s family following surgery.

Most pediatric surgeries performed are as an outpatient.  After recovering from anesthesia, pediatric patients staying at the hospital will be transferred to an in-house nursing unit for monitoring and assessment, or same-day surgery patients will be transferred to the discharge unit for discharge instructions and be allowed to go home.  Pediatric patients must have a responsible adult with them at all times.

Preparing for Surgery