Surgery Guest Information

General Information for Guests Accompanying Surgical Patients

Seating area for guests in Ridgeview's Waconia campus surgery department waiting room

The surgical waiting area is for friends and family of all surgical patients. All visitors, patients, and their friends and family, should check in with the receptionist. Please make special arrangements for young children as long wait times can be difficult for them and create distractions to others guests.

If you need to leave the waiting area, please notify the receptionist so the staff can locate you if you are needed.

Surgical patients 17 years old or younger should have one parent or guardian in the waiting area at all times during surgery and while recovering from anesthetics.

Ridgeview's Waconia campus surgery department waiting room

As soon as the surgery is completed, families will meet with the surgeon to discuss the procedure and have their questions answered. Please be available following surgery so that you do not miss your opportunity to meet with the surgeon.

Following surgery, patients are cared for in the Post-Anesthetic Care Unit for approximately one to two hours. Visitors are not permitted immediately following surgery while patients are recovering from anesthesia in this area.

Same-Day Patients

A preoperative suite in Ridgeview's Waconia campus surgery department

After recovering in the Post-Anesthetic Care Unit, the patient will be transferred to the Same-Day Surgery recovery area where an RN will provide the patient's discharge instructions and review discharge needs to go home.

If the patient is able to have visitors during this time, a nurse will escort you to Same-Day Surgery where you are welcome to stay during the patient’s remaining recovery time.

Inpatients (Patients who will be staying at least one night in the hospital)

After speaking with the doctor when surgery is complete, families are encouraged to wait for the patient in their room or the waiting area on the appropriate floor.

Tobacco Use

No tobacco use is allowed anywhere on Ridgeview Medical Center properties inside or out. This tobacco-free policy enhances the patient experience; improves the health of employees, patients and the communities; and advances Ridgeview’s mission as a health care organization.

Cell phone use

Cell phones may be used in the waiting room, but please turn them off in patient care areas as they can interfere with medical devices and patient care.

Photography and recording in the hospital

  1. Families may take pictures or video/audio recordings of their patient/children while at Ridgeview-owned and operated facilities.
  2. Photography video or audio recordings of a patient are not permitted while the patient is undergoing diagnostic or therapeutic intervention, unless done for treatment educational/teach-back purposes and done with the consent of the staff member(s) who are included in the photography or recording.
  3. Required Consent: a patient/family member must obtain the follow consent(s) prior to photographing:
  4. Picture, video or audio recording of the patient: no consent required
  5. Picture, video or audio recording of other patients: verbal consent
  6. Picture, video or audio recording of staff: verbal consent. Staff members have the right to refuse to consent
  7. Professional photographers will not be allowed in Ridgeview’s operating rooms or cesarean section rooms unless it is for Ridgeview’s Business Use and in accordance with this and all other Ridgeview policies.

Internet Connection

To connect to the wireless network, you’ll need a device that has a wireless network card.

  • Double-click on the wireless network connections and view the available wireless networks.
  • Choose the GUEST network.
  • Launch a browser (such as Internet Explorer).
  • Some browsers may open a security alert. If you get this alert, click “yes.”
  • You will be directed to an “acceptable use” policy page. After reading this information, click on the “accept” button.
  • By default, you will be redirected to Ridgeview’s Web site.


You are invited to visit the Ridgeview Cafeteria during your visit. It can be found by exiting the door by the Same-Day Surgery reception desk and walking down the hallway to the right. The cafeteria is located just before the elevators.

Hours: Breakfast, 6:45–10 a.m.; Lunch, 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.; and

Dinner, 4:30–6:30 p.m. (4:30–6 p.m. weekends and holidays)

Gift Shop

A gift shop is available to Ridgeview visitors. The first-floor Gift Shop can be found near the main entrance to the hospital.


Ridgeview offers its patients and visitors a chapel, Meditation Garden and Healing Garden as quiet places for reflection and prayer. Please ask your nursing staff for the chapel location and information on accessing the gardens. To reach a chaplain, please ask your nurse or call 952-777-4192.

Ridgeview Home Health Services

Home care services may be recommended following any surgical procedure. Ask your surgeon or call 952-442-6030 to learn more.

Preparing for Surgery