Following Surgery

After Surgery (Adults)

Following surgery, you will be moved to a recovery area to be monitored by a registered nurse. Your surgeon will also meet with your family.

After recovering from anesthesia, you will be transferred to:

  • Nursing area for monitoring (if you’ll stay overnight in the hospital) or
  • Discharge area (for instructions if you are returning home)

If you have had anesthesia, you will not be able to drive yourself home, nor should you take a taxi, bus or other ride service. Someone should stay with you the remainder of the day and the night as you continue to recover.

For your recovery, follow the discharge instructions given to you by the hospital and your surgeon.

After Surgery (Pediatric Patients 17 and Under)

Following surgery, your child will be taken to a recovery area. Children awaken from anesthesia differently than adults, often disorientated and crying—with difficulty being comforted. This can be difficult for parents. Please know that we will reunite you with your child as soon as it is safe. Your child will be monitored by several registered nurses during the process and the surgeon will meet with you following surgery.

Most pediatric surgeries are outpatient procedures, and patients will be transferred to the discharge unit for instruction prior to returning home. 

Pediatric patients staying at the hospital will be transferred to a nursing unit for monitoring and assessment. Pediatric patients must have a responsible adult with them at all times.

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