Ridgeview’s Workplace Health Program

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Your business is uniqueand so are your employees. Whether your employees’ roles require hours of sitting at a computer or lifting and moving heavy objects, injuries can occur. Ridgeview Rehab Specialties provides a broad range of programs and works with employers to keep their employees in good health. Whether your business needs one service or a comprehensive program, Ridgeview delivers unique, effective and affordable solutions.

Ergonomics and Injury Prevention

Having a medical voice as part of the working process can accelerate results and keep employees healthy. We work with your company’s leaders and supervisors, engineers and employees to help create a work environment that is efficient and safe. 

Job site analysis: An ergonomics specialist will interview employees and assess their work environment for hazards to provide recommendations for improvement, assuring risk is managed before injury occurs.

Physical demands analysis: An assessment of an employee’s job tasks will be completed to provide an objective profile of the physical demands required to complete the job. This is especially beneficial for new hires or an employee returning to work after injury.

Injury Care

Our experts will work to understand the demands of your job and create an individualized plan of care to help you regain mobility, strength, balance, and coordination to allow you to return to work and your previous activities as quickly as possible. 

Acute injury care and work conditioning: Ridgeview provides rehabilitative care for workplace injuries in all of our Rehab Specialties locations. Our physical therapists, occupational therapists and athletic trainers will create an individualized program to help employees regain mobility, strength, balance and coordination to allow for a safe return to work and prevent risk of additional injury in the workplace.

Job site assessment: A worksite visit is recommended to evaluate job tasks to tailor clinic rehab specifically to work demands. This visit also connects the medical team to the companya step that saves time and money for all.

Functional capacity screen: An employee’s abilities are tested during a six- to eight-hour comprehensive analysis to determine restrictions and assist with return to work or job placement after injury. 

Onsite Programs

Our Workplace Health program has a number of services available to employers and employees to improve workplace health and safety, and ensure appropriate recovery from injury and return to work demands. An employee who acts on personal health needs is an employee who contributes more.

Wellness fairs and speakers: Give employees an opportunity to explore several areas of health and wellness while determining where their needs and interest lie. Rehab specialists are available to present a variety of educational topics, including: appropriate exercise plans, metabolism and nutrition, worksite safety, and many more.

Biometric testing: Understanding your health risk is the first step in knowing how to improve it. Our specialists can provide biometric testing for employees, as well as education to improve areas such as; cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes risk, body weight, and other health conditions.

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Treatment of an injury, illness or condition often involves much more than medical, surgical and prescription drug intervention. The best outcomes may also require individualized rehabilitation therapies or wellness programming to increase mobility, reduce pain, prevent future injury or improve your general well-being.

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