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Ridgeview's Sports Medicine Program

When a sports injury occurs, you want to get back to your game quickly. But as an athlete, or the parent of one, you want to receive the best care to assure a safe return. No matter your sport or ability, our team of sports medicine experts has you covered.

Our expert staff provides services at area high schools, colleges and club teams; reaching more than 4,000 athletes each athletic season. Our team is comprised of certified athletic trainers (ATs), physical therapists (PTs) and sport performance instructors. From injury and post-surgical rehabilitation at any of our seven outpatient rehabilitation locations to transitional rehabilitation and sport performance programming, our knowledgeable providers have you covered.

Ridgeview Sports Medicine's athletic training program

Train Smarter… Prevent Injuries

There are multiple factors that play a role in an athlete’s risk for sport-related injury; which can include the type of sport being played, playing more than one sport in a season, poor conditioning or ineffective off-season training. While most athletes realize they need to get in shape to prepare for the upcoming season, many do not understand how their ability to move is influencing their risk for injury. As athletes get bigger, faster and stronger, the ability to move their body and coordinate limbs and trunk is critical to staying in the game. Being able to absorb shock through your limbs and trunk while generating power is key to injury prevention and performing better at your sport. Our team are experts in teaching movements patterns that not only reduce injury risk, but enhance performance.

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Sport-Related Concussion Care

Recovery after a concussion requires an individual approach. Not all concussions are the same, nor do they respond the same to management strategies. Our sports medicine and neuro rehabilitation teams are specialists in concussion management; offering patients and families timely information and care, as early treatment not only improves recovery but also reduces the stress, worry and confusion that is often associated.

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The Sports Injury Consultation is an injury evaluation service that is provided by a certified athletic trainer at any of Ridgeview's outpatient rehabilitation clinics. At this appointment, the patient will receive an injury evaluation followed by treatment recommendations.

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