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Neurological Rehabilitation Program

A diagnosis of a traumatic brain injury, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis or a concussion can be overwhelming. There is a tremendous amount of information to consider and learn about your diagnosis. Our Neuro Rehabilitation team of experts coordinates your care and provides you with the most up-to-date, research-based care to restore your mobility and help you remain as independent as possible. We are here to listen and help you navigate your recovery process.

Everyone’s circumstances are different. Careful evaluation and conversation with your care provider is needed to address your daily life goals and plans for future life events. We work as a team with you to ensure that we are addressing your individual needs.

What is Neurological Rehabilitation?

Neuro rehab trains your body to move, function and return to activities to your fullest ability.

Patients often begin rehab with a limited understanding of their injury and how rehab can help. We often hear patients say that the toughest thing about their brain injury is no one can see it. It would be easier to explain if they broke their arm. Patients are concerned that they may have to change the way they live. Part of your rehab is learning about your condition, how it impacts your life and how to help others understand whatif anysupport you need.

Adaptive Support/Neuro Occupational Therapy

Your occupational therapist will focus on improving your quality of life by offering interventions that may include assistive technology, home modifications, education and exercise. Learn more about neuro occupational therapy from the American Occupational Therapy Association.

Mobility Support/Neuro Physical Therapy

The main focus for your neuro physical therapist is mobility. The key components to being able to move well are strength, balance and endurance. After your evaluation, you and your therapist will discuss which areas you need to focus on and build a plan that fits your lifestyle.

Cognitive Support/Nenro Speech Therapy

Being able to process information, retrieve words for effective communication and interact with your world is at the core of speech therapy.

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Treatment of an injury, illness or condition often involves much more than medical, surgical and prescription drug intervention. The best outcomes may also require individualized rehabilitation therapies or wellness programming to increase mobility, reduce pain, prevent future injury or improve your general well-being.

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