Pre-Operative Class

You will attend a Pre-Operative Class to help you prepare for your joint replacement surgery. This class is offered every Monday morning in the Center for Joint Replacement at Ridgeview's Waconia campus. The program manager will contact you to schedule this class or you can call 952-777-5383, or toll-free at 800-967-4620, to register for an upcoming class.

You are encouraged to attend a class at least two weeks before your surgery, but you can attend sooner than that if desired. Your "coach" is also invited to attend with you. During this class we will review your pre-operative checklist, explain what to expect during your hospital stay, and outline recovery expectations, including pain management and a recovery timeline.

Please bring your Guidebook and an updated list of all medications, vitamins and supplements that you take.

For the rare occasion that we are unable to schedule a patient to attend a class, you can watch a video of the pre-operative class below:

Physical Therapy Prehab Evaluation

Your surgeon would like you to see a physical therapist for a Prehab Evaluation as soon as possible after scheduling joint replacement surgery. During this appointment, you will be instructed on stretches and exercises that will prepare your body for surgery and improve your recovery process. There are basic exercises described in the Guidebook, but they may not be just right for you. A physical therapist can adjust and add to the exercises to individualize your program. You may also find that baseline measurements of range of motion, strength and flexibility can help establish realistic goals and expectations for recovery. Ideally, this evaluation is performed by the same physical therapist you will work with after your hospital stay, so that you are both better acquainted with each other at the first post-operative appointment.

A referral for a Prehab Evaluation may be required by your insurance company or rehab facility in order to schedule this appointment. A blank referral form was provided in the front pocket of the Guidebook for your surgeon to complete and sign.

Your physical therapist can use their own documentation to record their evaluation. The completed evaluation should be faxed to the program manager and will be given to the inpatient physical therapists who will be working with you during your hospital stay. The Joint Center fax number is 952-442-8098.

Pre-Operative History and Physical Exam

You are required to have a Pre-Operative History and Physical Exam performed by your primary care provider to assess whether you are medically stable and prepared to undergo anesthesia and have a major surgical procedure. This exam should occur within three weeks of your surgery date. Some lab tests will be required to check your overall health and readiness for surgery. Your doctor should fax the exam results to Ridgeview so that they can be included in your medical chart and available for staff to access during your hospitalization. A copy of the Adult History & Physical Pre-Op Exam Form [PDF] was provided in the front pocket of your Guidebook, but we have provided a link if you need another one. The Surgery Department fax number is 952-442-8068.

Center for Joint Replacement Patient Education Video

Please refer to this video and your joint center guidebook following your surgery.

Post Surgery Instructions