Center for Joint Replacement

Patients who undergo hip or knee replacement surgery at Ridgeview will experience our Center for Joint Replacement on the Waconia campus, becoming part of a group that participates in recovery and rehabilitation together. This team approach to recovery takes place on a dedicated wing within the hospital's third floor and features specialized staff, comprehensive education, and a group exercise and therapy room.

Surgery preparation, education and recovery include:

  • A family member or friend taking an active role as the patient's coach in education and recovery
  • Coordinated team effort, centered on the patient's return to independent function and mobility
  • A thorough, preventive approach to infection control, including washes and nasal antibiotic ointment the week before surgery
  • Regular follow-up to check on the patient's recovery progress
  • Symposia that allow patients to share recovery stories and reconnect with the surgeons and medical staff
  • Medical professionals from surgery, anesthesiology, nursing, pharmacy, social services, home health care, occupational therapy and physical therapy.

The Joint Center program manager will be responsible for your care needs, from the preoperative course through discharge and postoperative discharge follow-up. The Joint Center program manager will:

  • Assess your needs at home, including caregiver availability
  • Coordinate your discharge plan to outpatient services, home or a transitional care facility
  • Assist you in getting answers to insurance questions
  • Act as your liaison throughout the course of treatment, from preoperative through postoperative discharge
  • Answer questions and coordinate your hospital care with Ridgeview’s Joint Center team members.

After your surgeon’s office has scheduled you for joint surgery, you will be contacted by the Joint Center program manager, who will:

  • Coordinate scheduling for preoperative Total Joint Class
  • Assist you in scheduling a physical therapy Pre-hab Evaluation
  • Verify all medications and supplements you are currently taking
  • Confirm that you have made an appointment with your medical doctor for a medical history, physical exam and pre-operative lab work within three weeks of your surgery date
  • Answer questions and direct you to specific resources within the hospital

You may call the Joint Center program manager at any time preoperatively to ask questions or raise concerns about your pending surgery.

Center for Joint Replacement Office
Phone: 952-777-5383

Post Surgery Education Video

Center for Joint Replacement Patient Education Video

Please refer to this video and your joint center guidebook following your surgery.

Post Surgery Instructions