Resources for Cancer Patients

American Cancer Society
ACS works to conquer cancer by providing information concerning the symptoms, treatment and prevention of different types of cancers.

American Dietetic Association
This website serves as a hotline to food and nutrition information and tips.

This site is a gateway to the most recent and accurate cancer information from the National Cancer Institute. CancerNet provides access to information about types of cancers, treatment, genetics, risk factors, prevention, coping, support and more.

Cord Blood Center
This website provides information for expectant mothers and families considering cord blood banking.

Hope Chest for Breast Cancer
Hope Chest for Breast Cancer helps provide emergency funds, such as rent, utilities, and transportation; delivered nutritious meals; and early detection education and screening programs for women during their breast cancer experience.

Kids Konnected
Kids Konnected provides education, understanding and support for kids who have a parent with cancer.

Mayo Clinic
This site offers a wide variety of information on cancer, treatments and other health topics.

National Cancer Institute
Here you'll find recent and accurate cancer information on types of cancers, treatment, genetics, risk factors, prevention, coping, support and more.

National Cancer Survivorship Resource Center Toolkit
The goal of the toolkit is to equip paitents with tols to help them discuss their long-term health with providers.

Pay It Forward Fund
Pay It Forward Fund is a nonprofit organization that helps patients pay their bills while they undergo treatment for breast and women’s cancers.

Ridgeview Medical Center Library
Ridgeview offers information about many types of cancers.

Ridgeview's Cancer Rehabilitation Program
Cancer Rehab Program
Ridgeview's Cancer Rehabilitation Program involves staff trained in the latest oncology rehab care and implementing research based protocols that have been proven to help cancer survivors optimally heal and function.

Resources for Breast Cancer Patients

Breast Cancer Treatment Guidelines for Patients
ACS and the National Comprehensive Cancer Network have combined efforts to provide high quality, effective advice on treating cancer.

Check out an interactive tutorial on breast cancer surgery, as well as links to reliable information on research, prevention and much more from the National Library of Medicine site for consumers.

NABCO (National Alliance of Breast Cancer Organizations)
NABCO, a network of breast cancer organizations, provides information, assistance and referrals to anyone with questions about breast cancer.

Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation
This foundation is dedicated to education and research on breast cancer causes, treatment and searching for a cure. This foundation sponsors the annual Race for the Cure.

Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organization
This site provides information for anyone who has been touched by breast cancer. Services include a 24-hour hotline, support groups, early detection workshops and publications.

Hope Chest

Hope Chest Patient Assistance Fund

An average of 400 new cancer cases are diagnosed and/or treated through Ridgeview’s Cancer Care Program each year. Of those, more than 100 are breast cancer cases. Ridgeview’s front-line care providers see first-hand the struggles along a patient's journey with breast cancer. And, thanks to generous grants since 2009 from the Hope Chest for Breast Cancer® Foundation, Ridgeview is able to provide emergency financial assistance to patients facing financial challenges during their treatment for breast cancer.*

Here's an example of how this fund benefited a woman who was in a difficult situation due to her breast cancer treatment:

Jane Smith missed time from work during her breast cancer treatment and had fallen behind on her electric bill. After learning about the Emergency Assistance Fund, she decided to submit a Request for Funds form to Ridgeview. The Foundation then sent a check from the Emergency Patient Assistance Fund directly to the electric company on behalf of Jane Smith.

Emergency funds provide assistance with non-medical bills (such as rent, utilities and transportation) to women who are unable to work due to the side effects of breast cancer treatment, up to $1,000 per calendar year during treatment for the disease.

About the Hope Chest for Breast Cancer Foundation

Founded in 2001, Hope Chest for Breast Cancer provides funds for the underserved local families touched by breast cancer, early detection education and screening focusing on diverse populations. Hope Chest raises critical resources through the sale of upscale furniture, accessories and designer clothing donated by individuals, corporations and small businesses at the Hope Chest for Breast Cancer Retail Shops.

The Twin Cities Hope Chest retail stores are located in Orono and St. Paul. For more information, or to make a donation, visit


Hope Chest for Breast Cancer Foundation provides support to patients being treated within the state of Minnesota. To receive support, patients must be in active treatment for breast cancer. Active treatment is considered chemotherapy, radiation or surgery with a recovery time of more than four weeks. Hormone therapy, palliative and hospice care and metastatic care are not considered active treatment.

How to apply

Patients should visit and click the Get Help tab. Complete the application at home or with your health care provider on a computer, tablet or smartphone. The application takes between five and 10 minutes to complete. There is no ability to save and return later. Patients will need the first and last name, as well as email address, of their health care provider that must verify treatment before the grant application can be approved. Grants are paid directly to the company owed. The patient will need to upload a copy of the bills she wishes to be paid. The application is either automatically approved or reviewed manually by Hope Chest staff.

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact a breast care nurse at 952-777-4471, or Ridgeview Social Services at 952-777-4348.

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