Cancer Screening & Diagnosis

Ridgeview sponsors/participates in a number of cancer prevention and detection activities. These include:

Skin cancer screening

Skin cancer screening clinics are scheduled each spring. Adults and children are invited to attend this free screening.

Additional screening resources

For further information about cancer screenings, call Carver County Public Health at 952-361-1329 or the Minnesota Department of Health toll-free at 1-888-643-2584 or visit their website.

Cancer diagnosis

Diagnostic-imaging services are available for all cancers. These may include imaging procedures (e.g., MRI, CT, PET/CT and ultrasound) which produce pictures of areas inside the body and endoscopy, which allows the doctor to look directly inside certain organs; and laboratory tests. In most cases, the doctor also orders a biopsy, a procedure in which a sample of tissue is removed. A pathologist then examines the tissue under a microscope to check for cancer cells. These diagnostic services include: