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Imaging Services

Ridgeview offers a full range of advanced imaging services for hospital, emergency and ambulatory patients. Committed to excellence in image-based patient care, the department is staffed by an experienced team of radiologists, nurses, technologists, sonographers and medical physicists.

Services are available at Two Twelve Medical Center in Chaska, and Ridgeview's campuses in Arlington, Le Sueur and Waconia. The Chaska location is an outpatient service (check with your insurance provider to see if there’s an opportunity for savings with this option). Using advanced imaging technology, Ridgeview's team is able to provide expert care in a wide variety of areas including:

About Imaging

Imaging is the branch of medicine that uses electromagnetic radiation, radioactive materials and sound waves to create images of the body, its organs, internal structures, and function, for diagnosis and treatment.

Imaging, formerly known as radiology, began when x-rays were discovered just over 100 years ago and has evolved into a complex science with advanced technological equipment.

Advanced Technology

Equipped with the revolutionary 40- and 128-slice Siemens CT Scanners, Ridgeview Imaging Services offers highly advanced three-dimensional reconstructions of body organs and major blood vessels.

The 40-slice scanner is used for interventional procedures. This system provides on-demand live 3-D imaging to assist radiologists in biopsy guidance. The 128-slice scanner is equipped with the necessary software for cardiac CT. Both scanners have specially designed software that reduces patient dose by 30 percent or more, dependent on the part of the anatomy that is scanned. Ridgeview is a participant in Image Wisely, with a focus on radiation safety in medical imaging. Ridgeview is also accredited through the American College of Radiology.

Ridgeview’s superb technology directly benefits patients and families through shorter scan times, higher-quality scans and quick turn-around on reports.

For patients interested in access to their radiology reports online, please visit MyChart to create an account and find your medical record and test results.

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