Specialized heart monitoring

Ridgeview’s Telemetry (Intermediate) Care Unit specializes in delivering comprehensive care to patients who are receiving an increased level of monitoring by our nursing staff. The majority of patients treated in this area have cardiovascular or heart conditions, and may have been diagnosed with heart attack, angina (chest pain), syncope (unexplained fainting) or cardiac arrhythmia. However, any patient who may require heart monitoring would receive care in this unit.

A patient who has been critically ill in the Cardiac/Intensive Care Unit (CICU) will usually move to the Telemetry Care Unit once his or her condition stabilizes. After treatment in this area (an average of 3.2 days), a patient in improved health might be discharged directly or moved to a regular inpatient unit for a later discharge. While in the Telemetry Care Unit, our patients receive education information related to their diagnosis as well as information to access health maintenance programs.

Ridgeview’s Telemetry Care nursing staff consists of highly-trained, experienced registered nurses certified in basic and advanced cardiac life support and the interpretation of cardiac rhythms.

An Environment for Healing

Ridgeview’s Intermediate Care/Telemetry Unit features 14 private rooms. We offer special family and visitor amenities to provide comfort to our guests. These include a private consultation area, a family lounge with kitchenette and shower, computer data ports and modem access and a fireside waiting/reading area.

For more information, ask your physician about us or contact Ridgeview Cardiac Care at:

Waconia: 952-442-7843

Chaska: 952-361-2475

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Waconia: 952-442-7843
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